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Guide to Staying Alive in Football Betting – Hello dear readers, in this article you will find information related to online soccer betting. Sports betting is an old practice and it is very popular nowadays. Online betting is the future of sports betting, as more and more players join the virtual. Online sports betting covers almost every sport there is, but in this guide I’m going to talk only about soccer betting. If you want to enter the world of online sports betting you will need to get an online account at one or more betting sites.

Guide to Staying Alive in Football Betting

To create an online account you must follow these rules:

First, you must get your credit or debit card accepted by the betting site of your choice. There are many soccer betting sites that offer different deposit and withdrawal possibilities. Once you have obtained the cards, you have to open and account at one of the online betting websites. There are many betting sites on the internet. Once you get an online account, get acquainted with the site’s interface by starting to place small bets so you can accumulate as much experience as you can.

I suggest not to go on betting your money on more than one sporting event. This is probably the biggest mistake all beginners make. Since they all want to win big money in a fast way, they are eager to place their money on three or more events. If you are a beginner, I highly recommend placing only one bet and almost never doing a combined one. The more events you have in your bet the lower the odds of winning you get. Live sports betting has become very popular among bettors because they bring the easiest wins.

Let me point out some mistakes that most beginners make:

They bet on soccer teams knowing nothing about those teams. It’s recommended you check the stats, team form, matches they have played, and what key players they have. You may not bet on more than 3 events. You get a lower chance of winning. If you are a big fan of the team, you should not place bets on your favorite team. Not involved! Never bet more than you can afford to lose! Try not to increase the bet after the bet wins because you believe “you are on the roll”, you will most likely lose.